Introducing the DOXA SUB 300 Searambler “Silver Lung,” the Latest Revival From the Storied Dive Brand

Introducing the DOXA SUB 300 Searambler “Silver Lung,” the Latest Revival From the Storied Dive Brand

I’ll before long get to the commemorations that the restricted release SUB 300 Searambler “Silver Lung” celebrates, however first I’d like to all the more doubtlessly note that this jumper is a lot of watch for the cash at just $2,190 by means of the pre-request opportunity. On the off chance that you’re considering adding the Silver Lung to your assortment, you might need to pull out your Visa and race over to DOXA before this version of 300 sells out quick like the Black Lung Searambler did in 2017.

The Silver Lung Searambler incorporates a finished COSC-ensured ETA 2824-2 programmed development, an unmistakable 42.3-millimeter spotless case, an exemplary dabs of-rice DOXA pure arm band (with wet suit augmentation) that tightens from 22 millimeters down to only 20 at the catch, a twofold domed sapphire precious stone that resembles an outdated acrylic one, and enough precise and beguiling 1960s DOXA subtleties that this thing could undoubtedly be confused with a wardrobe exemplary.

Adding to the worth, the Silver Lung is restricted to only 300 pieces and is a strong festival of DOXA’s SUB 300 Searambler, which turned 50-years of age in 2017. The Silver Lung likewise observes Aqua-Lung’s 75th commemoration. Water Lung is the plunge gear trend-setter that—along with Jacques Cousteau—helped change SCUBA jumping from high-spending military and logical tasks into a moderately reasonable sporting game. Among DOXA and Aqua-Lung, we’re talking genuine family.

Aqua-Lung-marked DOXA plunge watches are uncommon, costly, and (if you like them) certainly cool and unto themselves. DOXA is a free Swiss watch house tracing all the way back to 1889, and DOXA didn’t simply climate the quartz emergency, it really began making these striking, reason constructed jump watches amidst it. To have their back list prevailing upon an entirely different age of fans appears to be a fitting prize for their perseverance.

DOXA’s obvious jump bezels hold a standard one-hour plunge internal track just as an external “no-decompression” track. The more profound you jump, the less time you can spend at that profundity. Invest a lot of energy at some random profundity, and you’ll need to make decompression stops while climbing to “off gas” the nitrogen developed in your body. The Searambler’s “no-deco” bezel demonstrates how long you can remain under at any profundity without making additional decompression stops; this is vital data in light of the fact that without it you hazard the curves, an unbelievably painful—and once in a while lethal—condition. Today’s jumpers use computers to follow all that, yet straight up into the mid 1990s instruments like DOXA’s double track plunge bezel and a profundity measure were the computational gadgets SCUBA jumpers depended on.

The Silver Lung Searambler’s bezel is wide, and in this manner very decipherable, yet it additionally diminishes the dial and gem down to simply 25.5 millimeters. On the Silver Lung, DOXA has completed that dial in the profoundly pined for silver sunray tone, first gave in 1967. The plump orange moment hand peruses like the instrument measure its proposed to be, and the comparatively minimal dark hour-hand—which jumpers are infrequently concerned with—plays an auxiliary part by design.

How that minuscule dial figures out how to consolidate four lines of text, a date window, the whole Aqua Lung logo, and a bulky moment track while keeping up brilliant intelligibility is a modern plan contextual investigation deserving of an alumni theory. Toss in how extraordinarily slick this dial is, and understudies of style may wind up perusing that proposal, were something like this to exist.

Chances are the Silver Lung Searambler will sell out in pre-deal similarly as the restricted version Black Lung did in 2017. On the off chance that this uncommon excellence has a place in your assortment, you best move quick. DOXA